Prophetic Portents

The Alliances-3: Conspiracy Theory Participants

1771 – The Illuminati – which became the Skull & Bones.
The Illuminati is the fore founder of several other groups whose primary goal is to prepare for a one world government, or a new world order. The Illuminati (The enlightened ones, the intellectuals) began in Egypt and came out of the Rosicrucians and the Zoroastrians. In 1771 one of their missionaries left Egypt and convinced Adam Weishaupt, a professor at Ingolstadt in Germany, to become the head of the Illuminati movement in Europe. Mayer Rothschild and his cronies become part of this organization and begin the process of bringing the control of all the money in the world under their authority, and thus gain control of the entire globe. Karl Marx, 1848, also became a member of this order and set out to gain control of Russia. Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini joined him in this effort and together they planned three world wars. The third war is to be between the Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all nations of the world. Lenin, another Illuminist fomented the Bolshevik Revolution to bring Russia against much of the rest of the world during the second world war to further their goal of bringing their power to Europe – the eventual result became the European Union.

Groups Van Impe says that have come out of the Illuminati are:
1933 – The Freemasons
Spearheaded by the Freemasons , the mottos on the back of the US Dollar, Novus Ordo Seclorum, and Annuit Coeptis, can be translated to announce this intention to the world. An accurate translation of Novus Ordo Seclorum is “A New Order of the Ages,” and Annuit Coeptis translates to: “Providence has Favored Our Undertakings.”

1921 to 1959 – Council on Foreign Relations
In 1922—The Council of Foreign Relations endorses a world government, and in 1950 states that we will have a new world government whether or not we like it! It will come either by consent or conquest. In 1959 The Council on Foreign Relations put out a paper titled Study Number Seven. The goal of this paper was to convince the United States government to promote a new international order.

1954 – The Bilderbergs
In 1954 The Bilderbergs were founded and became one of the most secretive organizations in the world. Their goal was to pull all of the European nations together economically before uniting the entire world. They started the Economic Council, via the Treaty of Rome, which has evolved into the European Union. They are calling for the implantation of a microchip in either the right hand or forehead of every human being on the planet no later than 2017. Henry Kissinger is a major member.

1968 – The Club of Rome.
The goal of the Club of Rome is to regionalize and unify all the nations of the world into a ten division empire. They claim that this will happen because of a worldwide financial crisis. The Possible Ten Divisions of the Revived Roman Empire, according to the Club of Rome, are:
1. America, Canada and Mexico
2. South America
3. Australia and New Zealand
4. Western Europe
5. Eastern Europe
6. Japan
7. South Asia
8. Central Asia
9. North Africa and the Middle East
10. The rest of Africa

1973 – Trilateral Commission
The Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller. Their goal was to unify three different groups – the United States, The Western World or European Union, and Japan. The goal was to pull these three together as the beginning of a new world government based on financial interdependency.

1945 – League of Nations – became United Nations in 1968
1996—The League of Nations publishes a report called Our Global Neighborhood in which it outlines the plan for a global government. Then in 1980 the UN laid the plans for a new world order.

1960s – New Age Movement
David Spangler, one of the early leaders of the New Age Movement, claimed that his “Spirit Guide” says he is a little god, and gave him instruction about promoting the final world government. This will happen when the New Age Messiah comes in a body and gives out a number of 666, then takes over the government and religious order globally. This is a picture of Lucifer’s plan to infiltrate the mind of the man who will become the antichrist and proclaim himself to “be god” and who will rule over all these so called little gods – the millions of members of the New Age Movement today.

Other Groups, Movements, Books, Reports, Magazines, and etcetera Throughout the Ages:
1910—The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace espouses a new world government. 1932—The World Order by F. S. Marvin describes the League of Nations as the first attempt at a new world order. 1939—John Dulles proposes that America lead the transition to a new order. 1940—The New World Order by H. G. Wells proposes a global socialist and collectivist one world state. 1940—The Congressional Record publishes an article on the new world order in which John Alexander calls for a World Federation. 1945—President Truman calls endorses a World Government. 1948—Harold Butler of England writes an article for Foreign Affairs Magazine in which he sees a new world order taking shape. 1963—Nelson Rockefeller claims a new world order is needed, and in 1968 pledges his support. 1967—Nixon calls for a new world order and Robert Kennedy calls for a new world society. 1974—Douglas Roche at the World Congress of Religion calls for a new world order. 1975—A New World Order is published and promoted by the Center of International Studies at Princeton. In Congress thirty-two Senators and ninety-two Representatives sign a declaration that we must bring forth a new world order. In 1986 an international meeting in Seoul promotes a new world order. 1989—George H. W. Bush invites the Soviet Union to join a world order, and in 1981 praises a new world order in his State of the Union address. 1993—Henry Kissinger calls NAFTA the first step in the architecture of a new world order.

For a more concise analysis on this topic refer to literature authored by Jack Van Impe or by Thomas Horn.
Jack Van Impe:
Thomas Horn: or

The world is changing and changes are happening so fast that one can’t keep up. Daily newspapers and online websites that track world news give hour by hour and even minute by minute updates. Although each group tackles world wide conditions in a different manner, one common thread can be seen in the goals and purposes of each of these groups: the institution of a new world order and a one world governing body. Each group, in its own way, helps to turn the heart of man away from God and towards a human solution.

Once the new world order is formed, the question must be asked: How much longer do we have before Christ returns?