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The Burgeoning Signs 5

Luke 21:25-26 –“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Many are the signs pointing to the imminent return of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach and the beginning of the Tribulation Period.  In Part Five of the Burgeoning Signs Series, we conclude our examination of these signs with a look at this years growing signs in the land, seas, and skies of planet Earth.

Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars During Just The First Three Months
2012 has started out with a bang, in more ways than one.  Every where one looks, there are signs that nothing is normal.  Already we have witnessed:
• Dozens, if not hundreds, of weather records are being broke; 15,272 warm temperature records broken across the United States in March alone.  The temperatures were 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.
• A winter without winter conditions in many areas of the United States
• A winter with record cold and snowfall in many areas of Europe
• More volcanic eruptions than ever recorded in history by the USGS
• Many earthquakes worldwide, especially around the Ring of Fire
• The strongest solar eruptions in six years, massive coronal discharges
• The largest sand storm ever in living memory in Saudi Arabia
• Severe droughts in South America
• A number of “close shaves” with asteroids
• Fireballs over the UK, Australia, and US
• Numerous tornadoes in  the UK and US
• Record flooding in Australia
• Enormous sinkholes opening all over the planet
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Below is a fascinating video documenting these and other disasters within the first three months of 2012:

If the embedded video above will not play, it can be seen at: You Tube Video

Signs in the Animal Kingdoms During Just The First Three Months
Hosea 4:3 – “Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwells therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”

Again, every where one looks, there are signs that nothing is normal.  Already we have witnessed numerous instances of animal deaths worldwide:
• Thousands of Dolphins and Whales die off the coasts of Cape Cod, Peru, and in the Gulf of Mexico and other locations
• Thousands of Fish die in Minnesota, Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, and other locations
• Hundreds of Seals and Sea Otters die off the coasts of California, Australia, and other locations
• Hundreds of Birds die in Florida, Texas, Maryland, New Zealand, Scotland, India, and other locations
• Penguins, Turtles, Lambs, Deer, Chickens and other animals die in many locations
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Signs in the Heavens
Revelation 12:7-9 – “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels waged war, and they were thrown down to the earth.”

Ezekiel 7:14 – “They have blown the trumpet and made everything ready, but no one is going to the battle, for My wrath is against all their multitude.”

The heavens above us seem to be being inundated with strange, disturbing sounds.  The sounds have  been described as an idling diesel engine, fireworks,  someone slamming a heavy door,  monstrous clanking noises, very loud airplane engine noise, a blowtorch, the rumbling of a train, two massive sea doors clanging shut, or an extremely large vent opening and closing; all of which are mechanical noises that could, perhaps, be easily explained.

However, other sounds have been described as distant thunder, ultra low-frequency electromagnetic noise, or a low bass tone that fluctuated between being steady to warbling almost like the blast of a  trumpet.  In other words, not sounds that have the mechanical sounds of a door, engine, helicopter, airplane, or train.

Given that we are in the season of Yeshua’s imminent return, could we be hearing the sounds of an inter-dimensional combat between Michael and his angels, and Satan and his angels?  Is Satan about to be thrown down to the earth, and these sounds simply show how close the combat is to our sphere?  Questions I cannot answer, but which give me pause and cause me to glorify Yahweh and Yeshua, and to look forward to the resurrection and rapture.
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April Update:
• On April 10, 2012, a rare, unexplained daytime fireball scorches the skies of Texas.
• On April 11, 2012, there were two high magnitude earthquakes off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra: an 8.2 followed by an 8.6 magnitude quake.
• On April 12, 2012 Mount Etna erupted for the sixth time this year.
• Also on April 12, 2012, two to four feet of hail was dumped on the Texas Panhandle.
• Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau, Alaska’s Cleveland, and other volcanoes continue to rumble, shake, and show signs of impending eruption.
• Flooding continues to impact Fiji, Peru, Singapore, and other locations worldwide.
• Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have been hit by tornadoes and hail storms.
• Australia, Vietnam, Missouri, and other locations continue to have mass die offs of aquatic animals.
• Japan continues to be hit by dozens of earthquakes in the range of 5.0 to 6.0 magnitude.

Chasing Catastrophic Weather
The Quartet, comprised of the US, Russia, EU, and UN, has once again restated their intent to force Israel into a settlement to divide the land and Jerusalem. The statement underscored the need for continued international support for the Palestinian Authority’s important institution building efforts, and encouraged the Palestinian Authority to continue to strengthen its ability to meet civil and security needs both now and in a future state.  This was announced on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. The Quartet represents the entire world, and notice the large number of earthquakes that occurred all over the world on that date, including two that were over 8.0 magnitude!  At the same time, Hillary Clinton announced her decision to move forward with the $147 million dollar package of economic support funds for the Palestinian people.
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On April 11, 2012 there were a total of thirty-nine earthquakes larger than 5.0 magnitude, including the two Sumatra earthquakes noted above, the 6.5 magnitude quake centered on Mexico’s Pacific coast near Michoacan, the 6.0 magnitude quake in the North Indian Ocean, and the 5.9 magnitude quake near the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate off the coast of Oregon.
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Could all this catastrophic weather and shakings be yet another instance of God’s response to the nation’s continued efforts to divide or remove Israel?  Are we truly seeing the birth pangs before the tribulation period?  I believe we are.
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Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars, as well in the land, seas, and skies of planet Earth continue to grow at rates outside of normal.  This year, 2012, shows all the signs of being another remarkable year and who’s signs are pointing to the perception that the end of the age is drawing near.  Are we truly seeing the birth pangs before the tribulation period?  I believe we are. If this is, indeed, the end of the age, then it is time to be prepared to meet Yeshua face to face.  Are you ready?

Prophecy continues to unfold as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The stage is being set. That being said, one can only ask: “How imminent is the return of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach?”

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