Yahweh Is A Swing Shifter

Did you know that Yahweh is a swing shifter?  Are you aware that the day does not start at sunrise? If not, you are living in deception. Let’s take a closer look.

Day Begins
Genesis 1 – “There was evening, then there was morning . . .”

Six times in Genesis Chapter 1 we see the expression: There was evening, then there was morning; followed by: the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, and finally the sixth day.  The day clearly starts in the evening.  But is this enough to call Yahweh a swing shifter?  Perhaps so, perhaps not!

Cool Of The Day
Genesis 3:8   – “And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day . . .”

In Chapter Three of Genesis the fall of Adam and Eve is described, and Yahweh’s voice is heard in the Garden in the “cool of the day”.  Note that Yahweh did not require Adam to arise at 5am, nor at whatever time sunrise was that day and inconvenience himself.  Instead, Yahweh chose to bring forgiveness and cover their sin at the start the day. at its beginning, in the evening!

Literally, the Hebrew would be translated: in the “wind of the day”.   When, exactly is this?  Kalisch and Macdonald state that the cool of the day is “the evening breeze”.  The Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary puts it similarly: “in the cool of the day – the breeze of the day, the evening.”  Gill puts it this way: “In the evening, at sun setting; for very often when the sun sets a wind rises, at least a gentle breeze; and this might bring the sound of the voice, and of the steps of this glorious Person, the sooner to the ears of Adam and his wife.”

Every fisherman knows that the lakes are generally like glass as the sun rises, but in the evening, as the sun goes down, a gentle breeze develops that gives the water a diamond patch appearance.  In the cool of the day is simply a Hebrew idiom for in the evening.  But is this enough to call Yahweh a swing shifter?

The Sacrifices
It is true that preparation for many of the sacrifices starts early in the morning around 9am – but according to Yahweh’s day, this is late in the day on the day before the sacrifice is actually made!   The sacrifice is actually made in the evening – at the start of the new day!

This pattern was first seen in Genesis 3:8, as mentioned above.  Leviticus 23:5, Numbers 9:5 and other scriptures confirm that Pesach is to be celebrated in the evening: “In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the evening, is Yahweh’s Passover.”  Yeshua, our Pesach Lamb, gave up His spirit in the evening.  Elijah and the Baal worshippers spent the latter part of the day before preparing for each of their sacrifices to be made in the evening – at the start of the new day (1 Kings 18).   But is this yet enough to call Yahweh a swing shifter?

Ezekiel 8:9 – “And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.”

Why would Yahweh begin His day in the evening?  Better yet, why should we?  Before the foundations of the earth were laid, Yahweh knew that Ha’Satan would deceive the peoples of the world, and many would become sun worshippers.  His people, those called by His name, are to be Holy – set apart, as He is.  His people are not even to convey the possibility that they conform to the image of  a pagan god or ritual.  Nor are these rituals to be brought into His temple in any way, shape, or form.  But, sadly, they have.

The “church” has ceased celebrating at the start of the day – in the evening, and for the most part now celebrated late in the day – at the time of the rising sun, a practice which is thoroughly condemned by the scriptures in Ezekiel Chapter 8.  It is, in fact, the “greatest” sin listed in that chapter, after creepy, crawly things, after carved images, even after weeping for Tammuz.  Today, we make a great fanfare of sunrise Easter services – a sun worshipping celebration of the pagan fertility goddess Eastre, the “Queen of Heaven”. What a stench in the nostrils of a Holy Lord.  Now this is enough to call Yahweh a swing shifter!

Ephesians 6:18 – “With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit . . .”

In no way am I stating that it is wrong to worship Yahweh at any time of the day – I am not.  We are to be in prayer at all times, and in all places.  However, we are also to be aware that many pagan rituals and traditions of mankind have been incorporated into our daily lives and into our churches.

Are you expected to conform to the image of a day shifter – to “inconvenience yourself” and adjust your timetable to rise with the sun?  Are you denigrated for being a swing shifter?  Do not submit.  Those who insist that you change may simply be unaware that Yahweh has formed you in His likeness. Those who insist that you change may not understand that they may be unwittingly conformed to the image of a sun worshipper.  Ignore their demands to conform to their image – continue to be conformed to the image of your Father in Heaven, Yahweh.

Despite not yet accepting that their Messiah is  Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, even the Jews know that Yahweh is a swing shifter – He starts his day in the evening and He begins the day with forgiveness and restoration.  Every day clearly starts in the evening.  Yahweh called to Adam and Eve in the evening.  Many of the major sacrifices are evening sacrifices, especially Pesach.  Yahweh sets himself apart from all who either are pagan sun worshippers or act in ways that could be interpreted to mimic those pagan ways.  Therefore we should follow in His footsteps and also be swing shifters, standing apart from the masses.