Egypt Update June 2013

Billions for the Brotherhood
Our illustrious new Secretary of State, John Kerry, just gave $1.3 billion in military arms to Egypt. In order to do so, Egypt, according to Congressional restrictions had to first meet the following conditions:
• The Egyptian government must certify that it is supporting the transition to civilian government
• The Egyptian government must certify that it is holding free and fair elections
• The Egyptian government must certify that it is implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion, and due process of law
• The Egyptian government must certify that it is honoring its peace treaty with Israel

A memo from Mr. Kerry in May 2013 indicated that Egypt had not yet met those conditions. So, tell me again why the United States is sending military aid to a country that not only violates our laws, but which also is an enemy of Israel, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood . . .

Aswan Dam
The Aswan Dam in Aswan, Egypt is an embankment dam that has the ability to control floods, provide water for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity from water flowing in the Nile River. It was completed July 21, 1970, and by 1976 the reservoir had reached full capacity, creating Lake Nasser. The Aswan Dam is Egypt’s produces a total of 2.1 gigawatts – more than enough to power the Flux Capacitor and send Doc Brown’s DeLoreon back to the future, and around half of Egypt’s entire electricity.

No, I am not referring to Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease! I am referring to the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia began rerouting water from the Blue Nile during the first week of June 2013 for its $4.7 billion Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Mohammed Morsi warned Ethiopia that if they continued on this path, then he would consider that “all options are open”. Or the Nile he further stated: “If it loses one drop, our blood is the alternative”. Once the dam is finished, Egypt stands to lose up to twenty percent of the Nile water while the reservoir behind the new dam fills to capacity. As much as 85 percent of the Nile’s water comes from Ethiopia.

Isaiah 19:2 – “I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.”

Once again, clashes between Morsi’s supporters and opponents have lead to demonstrating and rioting in Cairo. The Muslim Brotherhood headquarters has been attacked with stones and firebombs. The military issued an ultimatum that the Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood dominated government meet the demands of millions of protesters calling for his ouster and step down, and are threatening new elections. Egypt’s besieged president, Mohammed Morsi, at first refuses to step down, then called for power sharing with the military.

As this post is being written, NBC is reporting that the Egyptian Military had “ousted President Mohammed Morsi and suspended the country’s constitution.” Armored cars, tanks and troops have been deployed in the capital and the military has taken control of state television, and that military officers were monitoring broadcasts. The Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Morsi, has said that some of its leaders have been arrested, and that the military has staged a coup.

Both sides have increased their presence in the streets and are were vowing to fight to the end. As of today at least eighteen people have already lost their lives and 619 have been wounded. While the people desire democracy, they certainly do not want a western style democracy like that of the United States. They see the United States support of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to be a threat to their freedom and both the Egyptian Military Council and the opposition protesters have rejected a US proposal to keep embattled President Mohamed Morsi in power as a transition leader until new elections can be held. Barky Insane O’Bummer, however, in a complete turnaround, now says that the “United States is committed to democracy and does not support any single person or group.” Hypocrite.

All sides know that the Brotherhood has no qualms about using military force to quell their protests. In the eyes of the Brotherhood, the protesters are no less than infidels – and are to be treated with the same sword that it uses against the Jews and Christians. Pray that Morsi and the Brotherhood does not make good on their promises to die standing like a tree and become martyrs defending Morsi.

The massive protests indicate that the current administration dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood has alienated both liberals and secularists.  The implementation of Sharia Law is not welcomed and the economic mismanagement brought on by their policies has angered millions.  Tourism and investment have dried up, inflation is rampant, fuel supplies are running short, and looming power cuts are predicted, both due to the economic mismanagement and the damming of the Nile by Ethiopia.

Ezekiel 29:8-10 – “Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I will bring a sword upon you, and will cut off from you man and beast; and the land of Egypt shall be a desolation and a waste. Then they will know that I am the LORD. “Because you said, ‘The Nile is mine, and I made it,’ therefore, behold, I am against you, and against your streams, and I will make the land of Egypt an utter waste and desolation, from Migdol to Syene, as far as the border of Ethiopia.”

Mohammed Morsi claims that Egypt is not calling for war, but is willing to confront any threats to its water security. In past times Egypt has threatened to go to war over its “historic rights” to Nile River water. Will it do so again? Could this lead to a nuclear exchange that would fulfill the above scripture? Time will tell.

Once again, Egypt finds itself at a crossroads.  The stage may be being set for a full blown civil war, similar to that in Syria.  It is becoming apparent that Islamic rule is a failure.  Syria, Egypt, and Iran are all seeing internal conflict increasing.   Is Isaiah 19:2 about to be fulfilled?  Is Yahweh weakening Islam before its war with Israel?  Time will tell.

Prophecy continues to unfold as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The stage is being set. Each day is one day closer to our Lord’s return.  Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon.  Get busy reaching the lost.

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