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Syria-Lebanon-Israel Update

Jeremiah 49:26-277 – “Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, says Yahweh.  I will set fire to the walls of Damascus, and it will completely burn the strong cities of King Ben-Hadad.

Just as Egypt is in crisis, so too is Syria.  Recent reports of continued use of chemical weapons are being made. A doctor in Douma, one of the suburbs of Damascus, claims he and his team have treated over six hundred (600) victims of the latest attack against his city.  The victims have symptoms that indicate some form of chemical or biological agent and include gasping breath, red eyes, constricted pupils, vomiting, and rashes.

While not yet confirmed, videos and personal accounts indicate that hundreds of people, many of them children, have been killed without any signs of visible wounds.  The death toll may even be over one thousand (1,000).  Assad’s forces continue to bomb rebel held suburbs, and the government claims that Syria is under attack by Islamist radicals and that these radicals are the actual cause of the chemical weapons attacks.

United States Response
The administration of the United States is very concerned. Despite the administration’s rhetoric that using chemical weapons is a “red line” which cannot be crossed, there is no effort to intervene.  Establishing a “no fly zone”, putting military personnel on the ground, and several other options appear to be too expensive to initiate.  The U.S. has merely called upon the United Nations to investigate this latest accusation of chemical warfare, but the United Nations is basically unable to respond.

Lebanon and Israel
Psalm 83Lebanon (Gebal) is one of several nations that will be put to shame and perish at the hand of Israel.

Up to four rockets have been fired from Lebanon into the northern parts of Israel.  If the Israeli Defense Forces becomes seriously involved, rather than responding only with Iron Dome missiles, this could help to maximize the effects of the Sunni Syrian rebels, thus weakening the power of Bashar Al-Assad, and allowing Al Qaeda to gain the upper hand in Syria.  This mirrors Assad’s claim that Syria is under attack by Islamist radicals. Yet another play by the Muslim Brotherhood to conquer yet another nation.

Al Qaeda is using the same tactics on Israel’s southern border with the Sinai Peninsula.  Earlier this month they sent rockets into Eilat.  It was their hope to ultimately undermine the Israeli Egyptian peace treaty.

Israeli Response
The Israelis, as always, have responded minimally to these newest provocations.  The military did not even use artillery fire against the Lebanese attackers that day, indicating that an escalation of the situation on their northern border is not desired at this time.  However, today the Israelis report that a pinpoint strike on targets near Al-Naameh have been made by the Air Force.  Israelis continue to hold the Lebanese government responsible for any rocket fire into their northern territories, irregardless of who actually fires the rockets.

War is coming to the Middle East.  Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Israel are all involved, as are Islamist radicals backed by Iran.  Damascus will be destroyed at some point.  Lebanon, Jordan, and parts of Syria and Egypt will come under Israeli control.  Prophecy continues to unfold as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The stage is being set. Each day is one day closer to our Lord’s return.  Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon.  Get busy reaching the lost.

Update: August 24
Medicines Without Frontiers in Syria treated about 3,600 patients with symptoms of neurotoxin exposure and 355 patients have died.  The patients arrived on August 21st and were treated at three hospitals Medicines Without Frontiers supports in the Damascus area.  This appears to confirm that chemical weapons were used.
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Update: August 26
The United States has now also admitted that chemical weapons were very likely used in Syria.  Both the U.S. and Britain are moving troops and ships into the area.  Russia and Iran have both issued warnings against any intervention in the area, saying there will be harsh consequences for doing so.  United Nations vehicles have been hit by sniper fire while attempting to investigate.
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