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Fall Series 1

This fall series of blogs is meant to encourage you to read, listen to, study, and become knowledgeable about end times prophecy, and to encourage you to discuss your findings with others. The ultimate goal of the summer and fall series of blogs is to bring you to a closer relationship with the one Hebrew names: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.  Yeshua’s return is imminent – the season of his return is upon us.

The United States – Not in Prophecy?
Citizens of the United States want to know what role the United States will play in the end times.  Sorry to say, but the United States is not mentioned in prophecy, per se!  Rather than looking directly for the United States, or America, we should be looking for what is termed “prophetic patterns” that can be found in either scripture or in secular history.  Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, and others use this approach, which I feel is the proper approach when dealing with any nation not specifically mentioned by scripture.

Scriptural parallels, patterns, and pictures are cyclical and tell us who Yeshua is, what is his ministry, and what the future holds.   Historical and secular parallels, patterns, and pictures are also cyclical and help us understand the direction history and nations are headed.  These parallels become very important as we try to determine in this post if the United States is, or is not, found in scripture and prophecy.

Numerous authors have pointed out interesting scriptural parallels between the United States and the writings of Isaiah Chapter 18, Jeremiah Chapters 50 & 51, and John in Revelation Chapter 17.  □ (Comments in italics  mine).

The Isaiah Chapter 18 Parallels:
• The insignia of the nation has wings
□ (The bald eagle with outstretched wings)

• A land beyond the sea
□ (America is across the Atlantic going west, and the Pacific going east)

• A land that defeats other nations, which is feared everywhere
□ (The US has been the most undefeated and feared nation for many years)

• A land divided by rivers
□ (The Mississippi, The Missouri, The Colorado, etc.)

• A land that sends messengers across the sea
□ (Is there a nation that doesn’t host a US Ambassador?)

The Jeremiah Chapters 50 & 51 Parallels:
• The nation is the youngest (hindermost in KJV)
□  (The United States is a mere 200 years old)

• Its mother is sorely confounded
□ (England has more Muslim mosques than Christian churches)

• It is an end time nation
□ (Israel is again a nation, and thus far the United States still stands)

• It has become proud against the Lord God Almighty
□ (No prayer or Bible in schools, abortion, etc. movies and plays now openly mock Yahweh and Yeshua)

• It is a nation of mingle people
□ (The melting pot)

• It is a nation of wealth
□ (The people of the US consume 40% of the worlds resources)

• The nation dwells upon many waters
□ (Not only do we have many rivers, we are bounded by two of the world’s largest oceans)

• The nation tries to mount up to heaven
□ (Do we really want to build homesteads on the moon and on Mars, and then head out into even deeper space?)

The Revelation Chapter 17 Parallels:
• The nation provides wealth for the world’s merchants
□ (The United States buys tremendous amounts of goods from foreign merchants.  Can anyone say Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Bestbuy, automobile, etc.?)

• The nation is laden with sins
□ (Abortion has killed over 50 million babies.  The military has been handed over to homosexuality and bestiality.  Alternative lifestyles are celebrated and even given national holidays by the corrupt leaders.  Need we say more?)

• The nation’s people live luxuriously.
□ (Citizens spend $173 billion dollars annually for food, alcohol, tobacco, and recreation and gambling.  Not to mention cosmetics, drugs, pornography)

Isaiah deals with a nation called Cush whereas Jeremiah and Revelation both deal with Babylon, but the patterns are quite evident.  Isaiah starts with: “Woe to . . .”, always a sign of God’s judgment against a nation or people.  Jeremiah is even more blunt: Babylon will be captured, its gods put to shame, and will become an empty desert where no one will live.  Revelation says Babylon will become an eternal burning desolation. Ouch.

If the patterns portray future events, one can only ask, “Since the United States shows striking parallels to the Biblical patterns, is the United States headed for desertville or destruction as well?”

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