The 2016 Spring Moedim

The Moedim are dress rehearsals for the real events.  The Spring Moedim: Pesach, Chag Ha’Matzoth, Reishit Katzir, and Shavuot have already been fulfilled in Yeshua’s first coming. Yahweh’s Divine Appointments, also known as the Moedim or the Dress Rehearsals, include the following spring celebrations:

Hebrew Year 5776 – The Spring Moedim
1. Pesach (Passover) April 23rd, 2016
Biblical Date Of Moed: 14th Day of 1st Month (Nisan)
Pesach symbolizes deliverance from Egyptian bondage and redemption by the blood of the Lamb. This moed was fulfilled in Yeshua’s first coming when He was crucified as a payment in full for our sins.
Pesach Post: Pesach

2. Chag Ha’Matzoth (Unleavened Bread) April 24th, 2016
Biblical Date Of Moed: 15th Day of 1st Month (Nisan)
Chag Ha’Matzoth declares that Yahweh’s people are to be set apart from sin, just as Yeshua was sinless. This moed was fulfilled in Yeshua’s burial the day after Pesach.
Chag Ha’Matzoth Post: Chag Ha’Matzoth

3. Reishit Katzir (First Fruits) April 26th, 2016
Biblical Date Of Moed: Sabbath after Passover, third day after crucifixion.
Reishit Katzir is a time of thanksgiving for the harvest to come. The first sheaf is a promise of larger harvest to come. This moed was fulfilled in Yeshua’s resurrection on the third day.
Reishit Katzir Post: Reishit Katzir

4. Shavuot (Pentecost) June 12th, 2016
Biblical Date Of Moed: 50th Day after Chag Ha’Matzoth (Unleavened Bread)
Shavuot is the second harvest festival of thanksgiving, a day to remember the Covenant Yahweh made with His people at Mt. Sinai. Shavuot was fulfilled in Yeshua’s giving of the Holy Spirit on the fiftieth day after Pesach.
Shavuot Post: Shavuot

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