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It’s About Following Yahweh 1

A number of objections to the How Dare You series have been raised, claiming that the traditional worship dates are just as valid as the dates set by Yahweh, and that it has no impact on whether or not one can call oneself a Christian. But it that true? I say not at all. Celebrating in the wrong way or on the wrong dates is not the way of Yahweh and Yeshua – it is the way of Satan and the antichrist.

An Antichrist Institutes Forced Conversion
Daniel 7:25 – The antichrist “shall speak words against the Most High.”
According to tradition, the night before the battle at Mauldian Bridge Constantine saw a vision of a cross in the sky with the with it the Greek words “ἐν τούτῳ νίκα”, which in Latin becomes: In Hoc Signo Vinces. This phrase, in English, means By This Sign You Must Conquer. That night Constantine made a bargain with Satan to join the church and declare himself a Christian, and Christianity was to become the religion of the state.

At the Council of Nicea, Constantine was carried in on a golden throne and presided over the council as the recognized Head Of The Church, without any evidence that he had indeed been born again. An unholy marriage of Christianity and the State was formed, causing many to come into the faith at the point of a sword – it was a forced choice of either baptism or death!

The Impact
Formerly persecuted Christians now began to be lauded as exemplary model citizens. Constantine became known as Pontifex Maximus. Heathenism gradually became Christianized. The pagan temples of Jupiter, Dionysus, Zeus, Bacchus, and others became churches, and the church became married to the world! The pagan priests got baptized and became the pastors of the new churches! The same rituals that they had used to worship their false gods now became the rituals of the church – the Holy Roman Church. The statues and icons of Jupiter, Venus, and others became the icons of Yeshua, Mary, etc. This is not the way of Yahweh and Yeshua – forced conversion is the way of Satan and the antichrist.

An Antichrist Changes The Moedim
Daniel 7:25 – The antichrist “shall attempt to change the moedim and the law.”
After much debate, the Nicaean council of 325 A.D., presided over by the Roman Emperor Constantine, decreed that Passover should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, i.e. on or after the vernal equinox! The same days upon which they had honored their former gods became the days on which they now “honored” Yeshua and the saints.

In other words, it was the Nicaean Council, under the direction of Constantine, that commanded Christians to stop celebrating Pesach (Passover) at its prescribed time, begin celebrating it on the date traditionally set aside for celebrating the events surrounding a fertility goddess of the pagan nations, and to call it “Easter”. The Feast of Samhain celebration was renamed All Hallows Eve, becoming today what is called Halloween. The Saturnalia, or the birthday celebration in honor of Sol Invictus, the Roman “God Of The Sun” on December 25th became Christmas, the day to honor the Son of God, Yeshua.

This change was due to the rampant anti-Semitism prevalent at that time. Constantine is said to be quoted at the council of Nicea saying: “In rejecting their custom we may transmit to our descendants the legitimate mode of celebrating Easter; We ought not therefore to have anything in common with the Jew, for the Savior has shown us another way; our worship following a more legitimate and more convenient course (the order of the days of the week). And consequently in unanimously adopting this mode, we desire, dearest brethren to separate ourselves from the detestable company of the Jew. For it is truly shameful for us to hear them boast that without their direction we could not keep this feast.”

The Impact
The church became corrupted. Instead of walking apart from the world, the church began walking hand in hand with it. Satan used the same method that Balaam used. He couldn’t force the early Christians to blatantly sin, so he corrupted their leaders instead, who in turn corrupted the laity. The dates set by Yahweh for his divine appointments were changed, and the church still follows the Satanically imposed dates today. This is not the way of Yahweh and Yeshua – changing the dates of the moedim is the way of Satan and the antichrist.

Wrong Again
Nadab and Abihu thought they could bring their own unholy incense before the altar at the Tabernacle (Leviticus 10:1). David began to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem on a cart and Uzzah reached out with his hand and touched the Ark (2 Samuel 6:6-7). Ananias and his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property, gave money to the apostles, but lied about the amount (Acts 5:1-11).

The Impact
• Yahweh’s response to Nadab and Abihu’s unholy incense was to turn both of them into crispy critters.
• Yahweh’s response to Uzzah’s touching the ark with his hand was to strike him dead.
• Yahweh’s response to Ananias and Sappira’s lie was to have both drop dead on the spot.
Three distinct wrong ways to behave. And all led to instantaneous death! This is not the way of Yahweh and Yeshua – behaving in the wrong way is the way of Satan and the antichrist.

John 8:44 – “You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires.”

Constantine’s willful divorce of the moedim from Yahweh’s calendar is the way of Satan and the antichrist. It began with anti-Semitism and has served as a continuing disastrous support of anti-Semitism. It has caused the church to stray from Yahweh’s commanded way to worship rightly. Constantine was clearly following Satan, despite the outward appearance of being a Christian.  Yeshua made the same comments about the priests serving in the Temple, despite their outward appearance of being wholly Jewish!

Romans 6:1-2 – “Should we continue in sin in order that grace may abound?   Of course not!
Anyone who continues follow Constantine’s lead, who continues to reject Yahweh’s way to worship rightly, unfortunately, is following Satan, not Yeshua. That is a very dangerous, potentially fatal way to act. And if one is not following Yeshua, one cannot call oneself a Christian.  In short, How Dare You!!! Get back on Yahweh’s calendar and worship rightly.  Forced conversion, celebrating wrongly, and behaving wrongly are not the way of Yahweh and Yeshua – they are the way of Satan and the antichrist.

Final Thought
Prophecy continues to unfold as foretold by the Hebrew Prophets. The day is coming when Yahweh will show his strength on the mountains of Israel. What is prophesied will come to pass, what is foretold will be made known. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – get busy reaching the lost.

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