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A Party Called The Rapture

A Party Called The Rapture: One of Yahweh’s Divine Appointments

2nd Edition
© Copyright 2018 by Jeff Van Hatten
ISBN-13: 978-1984040800

A Party Called The Rapture is a study guide to the blessed hope that the Rapture represents, a novelette, and an overview of Yahweh’s Divine Appointments – The Moedim – the Dress Rehearsals.

The Rapture is not going to be a quiet affair! Heaven celebrates every single time a sinner repents. Heaven celebrated with a triumphal parade when Yeshua won the victory over sin, hell, the devil, and death. Just imagine how great the parade and celebration will be when Yeshua raptures His entire Bride and brings them home to His Father’s house in Heaven!!

Available on Amazon @ A Party Called Rapture

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