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Year End Update 2018, Part 2

Haggai 2:17 – “Yahweh struck you with blasting winds, mildew and hail on everything your hands produced; but you still wouldn’t return to me.”
Yahweh is in charge of the weather, the climate, and natural disasters. The many disasters we have seen over the past several years have been increasing each year as we approach the season of Yeshua’s return. We continue our look at our Year End Update for 2018:

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The cost of these disasters was around $198 billion in 2012, dipping to only 97 billion in 2015, then rising to 306 Billion in 2017. The cost of these disasters for 2018 has not yet been released.

Other Signs
Wildfires have been raging all year in 2018. The Santa Barbara Thomas Fire, which started in December 2017, was still raging in January in California. Starting in July, numerous fires began burning. All of California was affected, and the smoke from the fires sent air quality into the 450+ range in parts of Nevada. The Carr fire, the Mendocino fire, and the Cranston Fire around Redding burned over 103,000 acres. The Ferguson Fire near Yosemite Park scorched 57,846 acres. In November, the Camp fire in Paradise; the Hill fire in the Santa Rosa Valley, and the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura counties were raging scorching over 230,000 acres, destroying 15,000 structures and killing at least 91 people. Overseas, fires impacted Attica, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Tathra, and Australia. The Queensland, Australian bushfire involved a 2,000 kilometer wall of fire forcing thousands to flee.

Volcanic activity in 2018 has been very active. Mount Kilauea, Hawaii, began erupting in May, sending ash up to 10,000 feet in the air. More than 1,700 evacuations took place and over 2 300 homes or structures were destroyed. Mount Fuego, Guatemala, erupted in June affecting over 2 million people, and killing at least 159 people. Anak Krakatau erupted in December causing a tsunami in Indonesia, killing at least 430 people, 1500 injured, and 22,000 displaced.

Windstorm Friederike struck in mid January affecting Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland. Cyclone Josie hit Fiji in March as well as US states from Massachusetts down to Washington, DC were hit with a lot of ensuing flooding. In May, Subtropical Storm Alberto hit the Southeastern United States and the Florida Panhandle, again with a lot of flooding. As if Hawaii had not been hit hard enough by Mount Kilauea erupting, in August Tropical Storm Lane hit dropping 51 inches of torrential rain! Hurricane Florence hit the US East Coast, primary the Carolinas, in September, killing over 40 people. Super Typhoon Mangkhut pounded Guam, the Marshall Islands, the Philippines, and southern China, also in September killing 70 people. The Florida Panhandle was hit hard again in October by Hurricane Michael, and Seattle, Washington was hit hard by an EF2 tornado in December.

Lake Poopo, no longer exists. Although it was Bolivia’s second largest lake in the Andean highlands, it has vanished into thin air. Dozens of carved boulders known as “hunger stones” have been exposed by prolonged droughts in Europe. Both Argentina and Uruguay saw a severe lack of rainfall this year again, which has become one of the most expensive non-fire related disasters of 2018.

Hail Storms
December 2018 has been a month of devastating hail storms. Epic hailstorms hit Saudi Arabia’s northern province of al-Jawf and covered the desert. Ice and large hailstones devastated Mhlambanyatsi, Lundzi, Siphocosini and parts of Mbabane in South Africa, leaving at least 18 cows dead. Hail also impacted crops in central Wheatbelt, Australia, dumping more than 3cm of hail and 40mm of rain. Sidney, Australia was hit by baseball size hail. Swaziland, South Africa saw a giant shelf could, and large hailstones which killed cows and destroyed a forest.

Mark 13:8 – “. . . . These things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”
Luke 21:11 – “And there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.”
Natural disasters around the world occurred at an alarming rate in 2018. Every few weeks another natural disaster seemed to hit the planet in one area or another, often in several places at the same time. Earthquakes and fires demolished entire towns or cities, wildfires burned hundreds of thousands of acres – unprecedented in past history. Tornadoes, cyclones, even dust storms hit the planet, many of which also caused mass flooding and loss of life. The birth pangs are, indeed, be breaking forth.

Final Thought
Prophecy as foretold by the Hebrew prophets continues to unfold in an escalating pattern. The stage is nearly completely set. The great and terrible Day of Yahweh, Joseph’s Trouble, hastens forth and will not delay. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – get busy reaching the lost.

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