Vatican Chrislam Update 2019

Daniel 9:11 – “All have transgressed Yahweh’s law and turned aside, not obeying his voice; as a result the curse has been poured out on them . . . for they have sinned against him.”
The word translated curse is the Hebrew word alah [אָלָה H423] which means: an oath, a curse from God. As Daniel prophesied, “alah”, or as it is spelled today, Allah, is being poured out upon all.

Below are some of the ways allah has been poured out in 2019:

Pope Francis Pushes Chrislam
Pope Francis is trying to unite Christians, Islam, and Judaism together into one body. Starting right out of the gate in January 2019 Pope Francis began speaking glowingly about the Koran and contemptuously about the Bible, created a new Moroccan logo that visually implies submission To Islam. In February he, along with an Islamic leader, signed the ‘Universal Peace Document’ which makes no reference of any kind to Yeshua or the Bible. In June Pope Francis called for major theological reforms in Catholic schools in order to promote a ‘Common Mission’ with Islam and Muslims.

In August he issued the order creating a global Chrislam committee to implement his decree on ‘human fraternity for world peace’, and set up a multi-faith committee to spread his claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’. In September, The Catholic-Muslim Interfaith Council created by Pope Francis announced the building of the New Chrislam Headquarters which combines a Mosque and a Church, set to open in 2022, called the Abrahamic Family House. It will be on the Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, and the Catholic Church will call the shots, while Islam will provide the muscle with their tens of millions of jihad warriors.

In October Pope Francis appointed thirteen new Chrislam friendly cardinals who will help guide the Roman Catholic Church into adding both the lgbtq+ and Islam to the church’s doctrines. No changes here from last year!

Pope Francis Pushes Gaia Worship
Romans 1:25 – “They have exchanged the truth of God for falsehood, by worshipping and serving created things, rather than the Creator.”
In 2016, Pope Francis added environmentalism, or “care for our common home,” to the Catholic Church’s traditional seven works of mercy saying: “Blessed are those who protect and care for our common home.” In July 2019 Pope Francis released a new document outlining how pagan Gaia earth worship will be combined with the Catholic church in his Pan-Amazonian document, and in November boldly claimed that he is preparing to make ‘Ecological Sin’ an official part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis Denigrates Christianity
Pope Francis has continuously failed to speak out against the worldwide persecution of Christians, and remained silent on the Hong Kong protests in August in which Christians took a major role. In April Pope Francis warned Catholics in Morocco not to convert Muslims to Christianity. In September he endorsed an essay trashing American Evangelical Christians which said claimed that one of the most serious evils of those conservatives was “the defense of religious liberty.”

But far more egregious than this, in November Eugenio Scalfari claimed that Pope Francis had stated that Jesus Incarnate was a “Man … Not At All A God” and that Jesus “Was a man until he was placed in the tomb by the women who recomposed his body. That night, in the tomb, the man [Jesus] disappeared and came forth from the Grotto in the semblance of a spirit that met the women and the Apostles while still preserving the shadow of the person, and then he definitely disappeared.” Thus far, there has been “no clear denial, no demand that Scalfari correct his article or retract it, and no denial by the Pope himself,” according to CNS News. Scalfari also claims that Pope Francis has stated: “Hell does not exist, and that condemned souls just disappear.”

Terry James opines: “Pope Francis is at it again. Some months ago he declared on several occasions that there are many ways to God and Heaven. He later pronounced that there is no place called Hell and even more recently the Catholic pontiff proclaimed that even atheists will be in Heaven.”

The Vatican Denigrates Israel
Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you.
The Vatican’s prime spokesperson, Pope Francis, seems hell bent on espousing a stance that continues to be blatantly anti-Israel. 30. In March, Pope met with a Muslim King in Morocco and declared that “Jerusalem should never belong solely to the Jews”. In November the Vatican issued a statement reaffirming its support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and calling on Israel to reside “within the borders recognized by the international community.”

The One-World Demands of Pope Francis
Proverbs 15:14 – “​The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.”
Proverbs 15:28 – “The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.
The Vatican’s prime spokesperson, Pope Francis, seems hell bent on forging a one world government, one world economy, and one world church. He continues to support Climate Change, Agenda 2030, and other globalist goals:

  • Pope Francis, in April, called for global governance to fight climate change and for ‘drastic measures’ to combat the ‘climate emergency’ and in September, called for a supranational, legally constituted body to enforce United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and implement “climate change” policies.
  • Pope Francis invited political leaders to sign a ‘global pact’ the goal of which is: “Reinventing The Global Educational Alliance.”
  • Pope Francis in an address to the World Government Summit in The United Arab Emirates, touted “Sustainable Development.
  • Pope Francis once again called for new powers be transferred to an International authority that ‘manages’ the interests of nations.
  • Pope Francis offered his blessing to leading Globalists.
  • Pope Francis believes that the World’s main problem is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants, who should be allowed to migrate to any country they so desire to enter.
  • Pope Francis blasted religious fundamentalism saying that fundamentalism is a “scourge” and a “plague.”
  • Pope Francis advocates that Catholics unite behind a One World Government and surrender their freedom and sovereignty to international interests.

Matthew 12:34, 15:18’ Luke 6:45 – “The mouth speaks what overflows from the heart.”
We rarely hear the Gospel of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach from this pope, but we certainly hear a lot of political, one-world, globalist dogma coming out of his mouth.

The Interfaith and Chrislam movements continue to barrel forth unabated. The One World Religion is forming and religious leaders from many nations worldwide have joined together to proclaim oneness. Pope Francis leads the way. Take care that you do not become one who gets deceived into believing that Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, and other gods are all the same and that there are many paths to immortal life. What a stench in Yahweh’s nostrils these beliefs are. There is nothing compatible between Biblical Christianity and the Satanic deceptions of Yoga, Islam, nor the lying, deceiving actions and remarks of the Vatican.

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