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Instant Rapture Wrap Up

Ezekiel 12:2 – “Human being, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes that can see, but they don’t take notice; and they have ears that can hear, but they don’t pay attention.”
You have heard it said by many Pastors, Teachers, and Biblical Scholars that “ There is no prophecy or event that must occur before Yeshua can return for his bride, he can come at any time, he could even come before you finish hearing this sentence.” These folks also state that the rapture is an instantaneous event that happens at the same time as the resurrection of the dead.

But I say “These statements are mere tickling of the ears, a misinterpretation by those who look at scripture through the lens whose name is Instant Gratification. They exemplify today’s expectation that everything must happen immediately.” In short, scripture presents an entirely different scenario from the “any ol’ time, instant disappearance” paradigm.

Below are several examples of the many correct ways the rapture is presented in scripture:

The Exodus Pattern and Thessalonian Midrash
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 – “Yeshua himself will descend from Heaven, with a loud shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the shofar call of Yahweh. The dead in Yeshua will rise first, then we who are still alive will be caught up in the clouds to meet Yeshua in the air.”
The Exodus of the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt provides the context of Paul’s Midrash in Thessalonians. The “dead” Hebrew slaves were in Egypt, if you will, in the “graves” of Egypt:

◦ They received 14 days notice about their redemption, if you will, their “resurrection”.
◦ They were witnessed as they departed.
◦ It took them three new moons to get to Mount Sinai.

Upon arriving at Mount Sinai:

◦ They received three days notice that Yahweh was to descend.
◦ Yahweh descends and Moses is called up.
◦ They witness Moses’ ascension, if you will, his “rapture” into the cloud.

The Hebrew slaves resurrection from their Egyptian “graves” did not result in an instantaneous disappearance – it took time for them to walk away in full view of the Egyptians. It took more time to arrive at Mount Sinai. Moses rapture was not an instantaneous disappearance, either – it took time for him to ascend while the people watched, several days after they had all arrived at Mount Sinai.

The Jewish Wedding Pattern
John 14:1-3 – “Yeshua said, ‘Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in Yahweh, and trust in me. There are many rooms in my Father’s house; I would not tell you this if it were not true. I am going there to prepare a place for you. After I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me so that you may be where I am’.”
The Jewish Wedding Pattern gives us one of the best descriptions of the complete rapture process: The Bridegroom proposes, the Bride accepts, the Promissory Gift is given, and the Bridegroom heads back to his father’s house to build the new addition. During the entire building process the next-door neighbors are watching every step and reporting the progress to friends and family each day at the town’s water well. The process is:

• The location is measured
• The building supplies begin to arrive.
• The walls go up.
• The roof is put on.
• The windows and doors are installed.
• The furniture is built and placed inside.

Finally, the father gives his approval, saying that the building is complete, and then gives his son permission to go get his bride. The son then puts the actual wedding party in high gear:

• The Chuppah is erected
• The transportation for the bride is arranged
• Most importantly, the food is prepared for the week-long celebration. The preparation of the food, and its placement tells all who are alert and watching that the wedding on and the Bridegroom is going to get his Bride either that night or the next.

The Wedding pattern shows clear evidence of a well witnessed, well notified event. Even the bringing of the Bride from her home to her Bridegrooms house, her rapture, is a very noisy, well known, well witnessed catching away, an event that does not happen in an instant, but takes place over time.

The Moedim Pattern
Leviticus 23:2 – “These are the appointed times of Yahweh that you shall proclaim as holy convocations; they are my divine appointments.”
The Moedim are one time only events and explicitly debunk an “any ol’ time appearance” of Yeshua to take his bride home:

Pesach, the crucifixion of Yeshua, only took place one time
Chag Ha’Matzot, the burial of Yeshua, only took place one time
Reishit Katzir, the resurrection of Yeshua, only took place one time
Shavuot, the giving of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, only took place one time
Yom Teruah, the resurrection of the Dead in Yeshua and Rapture of the Bride will only happen once
Yom Kippurim, representing the Tribulation Period, will only happen once.
Sukkoth, representing the Millennial Reign of Yeshua, will only happen once.

The Yom Teruah event must take place on the first day of the year – it can NOT happen “any ol’ time” and is a well attended party like no other. Many witnesses – no instantaneous disappearance of any participant, either!

The Resurrection of the Body
Matthew 27:52-53 – “The tombs also were opened. And many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised, and coming out of the tombs after his resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many.”
The resurrection of a person does not result in an immediate rapture. The rapture occurs later, or not at all. Even those who receive a glorified body at their resurrection, do not instantly disappear. Yeshua witnessed for forty days before he was raptured.

The Bodily Rapture
Amos 3:7 – “Yahweh Elohim does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
The bodily rapture, not a rapture in the spirit, always has three common components:

1. Advance Notice is given to the person who will be raptured
2. Witnesses are present at the rapture event who can tell others what they saw happen
3. Horses are involved in the mode of transportation

Once again, we see an event that takes place over a period of time, not an instantaneous disappearance.

2 Corinthians 13:1 – “Every fact must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”
The instant rapture paradigm is not supported by the many patterns revealed in the scriptures that show a progression of well witnessed events over time. The belief that “the resurrection is the rapture” is mere tickling of the ears. This paradigm is a golden calf whose name is: Instant Gratification.

The instant rapture paradigm is a false teaching, or, to put it in an Older Testament Prophet’s blunt vernacular: “What a load of dung. These teachers obviously do not know the difference between shitake mushrooms and Shinola shoe paste. Your instant gratification paradigm is a Golden Calf that has led you astray – tear it down and destroy it.”

Final Thought
Yahweh does nothing without first giving advance notice (Amos 3:7). Tom Horn, along with several scientists have set the impact of Wormwood on the Earth in April 2029. If this date corresponds with the mid-tribulation period described in Revelation 8:10-11, then time is incredibly short, and advance notice has been given – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – Be sure he is your Redeemer, King, and High Priest.