The New Presentations

Okay, I have missed a couple of weeks blogging over the last month or two, but I have been busy enjoying the summer weather and ignoring the mainstream media.

New Presentations ♥
In addition, I’ve been updating my newest presentations and teachings. Here are quick links to some of them:
Lukewarm Laodicean Vomit PowerPoint Based on the Laodicean post
The Complete Rapture Teachings Based on the many Rapture blogs

The High Priest and Luciferian Ephods Based on the Two Ephods post
The Forty Days of Teshuva Based on the 40 Days of Teshuva post
Yeshua, The Incredible Crimson Worm Based on the Worms and Maggots post
Seven Rapture Patterns PowerPoint Based on the Seven Rapture Patterns Essay

Updated (or Added) Books ♥
A Party Called The Rapture: One of Yahweh’s Divine Appointments Updated 08/04/2020
Yahweh’s Divine Appointments: The Dress Rehearsals Called Moedim Updated 08/04/2020
Yahweh’s Divine Scripture: Insights and Observations 3

I try to make insights on scripture available to all without restrictions –> so the books, writings, and other diatribes, are always downloadable for free.  Head over to the Free Downloads page and start downloading!

A Proverbs 25:2 Midrash: “It is the joy of Jeff to conceal a thing: but the fun of ya’all to search out a matter.”
Took my truck in for repairs and got bit by a Spyder.  It was so cute, just had to take it home.
(I’ll let you figure out what kind it is . . . . . .)  Hint, Hint: Black top, silver body.