Yom Kippurim 2020

The date for Yom Kippurim 2020 is September 28th in the Hebrew Year 5781.
Yom Kippurim begins at sunset Sunday, September 27th and ends at sunset Monday, September 28th.
The day of atonements. Yes, I said atonements, not atonement!

The Return Movement (
The Return is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose – the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, in sincerity in prayer, and repentance.

The movement began with Yom Teruah, September 19, 2020, and will continue through the entire year of 2020. On Saturday, September 26, 2020 the central day of The Return will be on the National Mall and throughout the nation and world. Come to the Live Event in Washington or take part by Live Simulcast wherever you are – In your Home, Church, Town, or City! The movement will end on Yom Kippurim, September 28, 2020.

The Moedim
The Moedim are Dress Rehearsals for prophetic events. The fall moedim have yet to be fulfilled. Yom Kippurim is the second of the fall moedim, and will be fulfilled when Yeshua returns to judge the nations. Praise Yahweh for his promise to fulfill this prophecy.

Under the Older Covenant, this day is the day the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) would make atonement for the holy sanctuary, for the Tabernacle, for the altar, for the priests, and for all the people (Leviticus 16:33). This is the day upon which the Book of Life was sealed for the following year.

Under the Newer Covenant, Yeshua entered has entered the Holy of Holies in the Heavenly Temple, cleansed the altar with his own blood, made atonement for all sin, and now sits at the right hand of Yahweh. For the Bride of Yeshua, there is no longer any condemnation (Romans 8:1) – no need for a yearly atonement.

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