Sukkot 2021

The Moedim are Dress Rehearsals for prophetic events. The fall moedim have yet to be fulfilled. Sukkot is the third and final of the fall moedim, and will be fulfilled when Yeshua returns to set up his millennial reign. Praise Yahweh for his promise to fulfill this prophecy.

Sukkot (Tabernacles) September 21st to September 28th, 2021
Date Of Moed: 15th Day of 7th Month (Tishri, September/October)
The dates for Sukkot 2021 are September 21st thru September 28th, in the Hebrew Year 5782.
Sukkot begins tonight at sunset Monday, September 20th and ends at sunset Tuesday, September 28th.

Break out the sukkahs, it’s time to go camping for a week. It is time to give Yahweh thanks for all of the harvests.

This is a great time for the children – building the sukkah is just like building and decorating a fort. All meals are eaten in the sukkah, the whole family sleeps in the sukkah, and it is one of the most joyous, festive celebrations of the year. It is not until the culmination of the summer that all of the crops are harvested and Sukkot celebrates the final gathering of the fruit and vine crops as one gives thanksgiving to Yahweh for His sustenance throughout the rest of the year.

Sukkoth today celebrates a return to Jerusalem to celebrate Sabbath and will find its final fulfillment when Yeshua returns to Earth, gathers all nations together, and sets up His Millennial Reign, a temporary period of one thousand years before eternity begins.

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