Chanukah 2021

Important Notice:
New discoveries have given us a more accurate calendar, called the Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar, based on the Anno Mundi dates. Anno Mundi means “the year of the world”. The Dead Sea Scrolls calendar always starts the new year on the first Wednesday closest to the Spring Equinox. Using this calendar always places the 14th of Nisan on a Tuesday, consistent with Yeshua eating the Pesach meal Tuesday evening, crucified on Wednesday, in the grave Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, then rising again on the first day, Sunday. This calendar can be found here:

The Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar dates for Chanukah 2021 are December 8th thru December 15th, in the Anno Mundi year 5946.
Chanukah begins at sunset Tuesday, December 7th and ends at sunset Wednesday, December 15th.

The Hebrew Calendar dates for Chanukah 2021 are November 29th thru December 6th, in the Hebrew Year 5782.
Chanukah begins at sunset Sunday, November 28th and ends at sunset Monday, December 6th.

Break out the Menorahs, break out the lamp oil, and celebrate for a full week, just as Yeshua and his disciples did every year (John 10:22-23).

Forget the pine trees and all the rest of the occultic symbols, those dreadful Druid decorations. This year, Chanukah should be the only holiday one celebrates in December. On the 11th light the Servant Candle, and then each day light one of the other branches (called candles). Make sure you have plenty of oil to light and keep each branch of the Menorah going for the full eight days of the holiday.

Celebrate the Light who has come into the world, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, rather than the demon (Satan) who has tried to usurp Yeshua’s lordship.

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