Notes to Readers

Corrections and Updates

Thank you to everyone who has commented and asked for additional information or corrections.

The following were updated  December 10th to include new information about the Essene Calendar dates, to correct the backwards Hebrew, and also to make it easier to read the nightly checklist for Chanukah:
Link to the corrected Chanukah Slides: Chanukah 2021-2022 Slides
Link to the corrected Chanukah Nightly Check List: Chanukah Nightly Checklist

This chart was added on December 11th for those who are interested in the Essene (Dead Sea Scrolls) Calendar for the next three year’s Moedim dates:
Dead Sea Scrolls Moedim Chart: DSS Chart of the Moedim

And, brand new December 12th, 2021 to 2025 Calendars: Essene Calendar Slides 2021-2025

The following were updated to include new insights:
A Party Called The Rapture: One of Yahweh’s Divine Appointments
Teacher’s Slides for the Rapture: Rapture Slides

The following was updated to place The Best Exposition first!
Rock My World – Upon This Rock

A sharp eye caught the backwards Hebrew on the Chanukah files! I forgot that the The PDF converter I use mangles Hebrew words, so had to take a picture, port to graphics, then insert into the files as a picture for it to show up correctly. I apologize that the links you copied two days ago no longer work, but those incorrect PDFs have been removed! The corrected links are above.