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LA Marzulli’s White Horse Vision

I have written extensively during the past twelve years about the integral part of horses involvement in the bodily rapture of human beings from earth to the clouds according to scripture, and LA Marzulli has on several occasions spoken of the white horse he saw in a vision. Here is a synopsis of that account he gave during an interview with Pastor Matt Freeman:

The Vision Synopsis
It’s unbelievable, it is unbelievable. You know, and then of course the white horse. I’ve been on that horse. Did I see wings, no! Did I see Jesus, yes!

I was only there for three seconds, holding onto the horse’s mane, second number one looking down at my hands on that white horse holding onto his mane no bridle, no saddle.

Then I look to my left and down from me in the center, this great throng like a horseshoe and the armies of heaven are stacked up like the floors of a building.

Floor one, two, three, and it’s in a horseshoe shape. And in the center of that horseshoe, there is THE rider on the white horse. Then I look in front of me, I’m a brand new Christian, this is 42 years ago, I don’t even know where I am – I’d never read Revelation 19.

I have no idea what this is and in front of me, you know, I’m about eight rows back, on the upper right flank, not the top flank, but the right flank of the horseshoe and every eye can see him because the horses are staggered. The guys in front are super big.

I’m laying in bed and I’m just kind of praying and the Holy Spirit goes: “Do you remember that vision that you had you know 37 years ago?” Whatever! I go yeah, yeah exactly – and I go, “Can I have another one?” Dead silence you know.

And he goes, “The horses that you have are the father’s gift to you.” And I’m sitting there – I don’t like horses – so I’m sitting there going “Oh great – I really don’t want this horse.” – dead silence, right, dead silence.

And then the Holy spirit goes “And that horse can fly!” I sat up in that bed and I was wide awake, tingling all over, just kind of going “Oh let me see him can I see him, please oh please?

You know, I don’t know how that works and people can scoff at that. You can’t take that away from me. I was there and I know that that horse flies. Don’t ask me how he flies, that’s none of my business, but he flies – I’m gonna get my flying white horse because I’ve been on it once for three seconds and then he told me about it so that’s what I’m going with!

The Vision Discussion

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