Purim 2023

Dates Of Celebration: 14th and 15th Day of 12th Month (Adar, February/March)

Adar 1 is February 20, 2023 – therefore the dates for Purim 2023 are March 5th thru March 6th, 2023.
Purim begins at sunset Saturday March 4th and ends at sunset Tuesday, March 6th.

For information on how these dates were calculated, click here: 2023 Moedim Dates Article

The full Purim article can be found here: Purim

Final Thought for 2023
The stage for Yeshua’s return is being set. Prophecy continues to unfold in an escalating pattern as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The season of the birth pains is here – they are burgeoning and not going away. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – be sure you have salvation in Yeshua and keep busy reaching the lost.

3 thoughts on “Purim 2023”

  1. Excellent, Jeff, and thanks for correcting and adding to my comment (I was shooting from the hip). I have enjoyed your PW articles and of course the “Party” book…very accurate and engaging style of writing. Thanks


  2. On the Purin piece, there was a “reoccurrence” of the 10 hangings of the Haman gang in the 1946 Nuremberg trial. Herman Goering was to hang with 10 others but he took his own life leaving 10 to hang. General Spector, one of the 10, surveyed the gallows and said “Purim 1946”. The Nazis knew the Jewish feasts so they could bring terror. Hitler was a descendent of the Haman Esau line. Interesting!


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