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Updated 12/14/2018

The Author
I am primarily an avid motorcyclist, but also delve into analysis and teaching with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Whether I was working as a mechanic, maintenance man, customer representative, courier, or manager, the gift of analysis has allowed me to comprehend the job at hand, to be quickly promoted, and to make changes to the operation that bettered the working conditions for all employees.

About eight years ago a Lutheran Pastor challenged me to prove that there really was a rapture, and that the season of Yeshua’s return was approaching. Using all of the (minimal) skills that my Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies allowed and relying heavily on the Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit), I took the challenge, spent several months studying scripture, then handed a ten page essay to him. His reception to my essay was downright chilly, to say the least. From there, it progressed into emails and letters to friends and family. The family reception was almost as chilly as my pastor’s, but my friends and I began a series of meetings, phone calls, and emails. These emails and essays became a series of classes entitled “Understanding the Times: An Overview of End Times Teachings for Study and Discussion”, which led to the blog and much more study, eventually becoming the series of books available in pdf format on the free downloads page.

Today, retirement allows me to concentrate on studying the Rapture and the Season of Yeshua’s Return, to blog, write, and teach what I learn, and to focus on Biblical exposition. This blog began as a quick way to distribute my class materials to the students, and has morphed over the past seven years into the current postings of my understanding of Biblical themes, word definitions, Hebrew idioms, and my favorite subject — the pre-tribulation Rapture.

The Young Boy
I learned to drive at the age of six, thanks to my Grandpa. He taught me how to start the tractor, adjust the throttle, operate the brakes, step on the clutch, put it in gear, and release the clutch. Then came the real lesson. He walked to the front of the tractor, called out “follow me”, and began walking into the forest. Mom had a fit – she was sure I’d run him over and kill him. Never happened! At age nine, with three years of practice dodging Grandpa, trees, and other impediments to safe, smooth travel, I was handed the keys and instructed to plow the snow off the driveways and road where we lived after getting home from school each day. About the same time, as summer approached, Dad converted the lawn mower into a combination riding mower / go kart, and driving automobiles (cars, trucks, airplane tow-motors) started as well. By age twelve, I was driving all sort and manner of vehicles, and operating the backhoe.

The Teenager
Age thirteen introduced me to sports cars – the Austin Healey Sprite and 3000, the Triumph Spitfire and TR-3, the Jaguar XKE, the Sunbeam Tiger, the Mini Cooper, and my favorite, the MGs; MG-TD, MG-A and MG-B. Even got to drive an AC Shelby Cobra 427. Woof. Guess the Sundays out at the airstrip sports car races started my fascination with speed and superb handling vehicles. High school put me behind the wheel of dozens of Mustangs, a time or two in my buddy’s GTO, and a ride along in a Ford stock car. I plead the fifth on speeds attained and in which vehicle (or vehicles) those speeds were achieved . . . . .

The final few teenage years introduced me to motorcycles, especially those of British manufacture – The Ariel 350 and Square Four, the BSA A65 Star, the Triumph Bonneville and Trident/Rocket3, the Velocette Viper, the Norton Commando 750, the Vincent Comet 500, and last but not least, the fastest motorcycle of the time, the Vincent Black Shadow 1000cc. They all topped out around 100mph, except the Black Shadow, which held the speed record at just a tick over 150 mph. Yeeha. And then came the Hondas, Yamahas, and other Japanese machines. Again, I plead the fifth on speeds attained and on which vehicle (or vehicles) those speeds were achieved . . . . . For more on these exploits, click on the About Motorcycles page.

The Adult Phase
The adult phase saw me go through a lot of different vehicles. One of my first cars was, guess what, a1967 MG-B – British racing green, electric overdrive. Finding the MG after a Tahoe snow storm was always interesting! The next car, a 1964 Ford Ranchero, served myself and the boys’ motocross machines which invariably ended up in the back of the Ranchero headed for one race or another. It never let us down and was eventually replaced by a 1979 Honda Accord, which was replaced by a Ford Aspire in 2002. All I have to say about the Aspire is it got really great mileage, but only aspired to get even close to the top speed indicated by the speedometer. The Aspire did not do well in the snow, either, so was quickly replaced by the still currently owned and driven 1994 Ford Explorer.

The Old Geezer
Retirement allows me to engage in hurling down the road at safe and sane speeds on the 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, wind in my face, on only two wheels whenever the weather permits, but there is that occasional burst of speed on a mountain curve or when passing slow moving traffic for which I must simply plead the fifth! When not on the Honda, travel is at a much more sedate and unhurried pace in a now twenty-five year old Ford Explorer – it rarely sees even freeway speeds.

Final Thought for 2019
Prophecy as foretold by the Hebrew prophets continues to unfold in an escalating pattern. The stage is nearly completely set. The great and terrible Day of Yahweh, Joseph’s Trouble, hastens forth and will not delay. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – get busy reaching the lost.

God Bless,
Jeff VH

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