About Jeff

Updated 9/06/2020

The Author
I primarily delve into analysis and teaching with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Whether I was working as a mechanic, maintenance man, customer representative, courier, or manager, the gift of analysis has allowed me to comprehend the job at hand, to be quickly promoted, and to make changes to the operation that bettered the working conditions for all employees.

About eight years ago a Lutheran Pastor challenged me to prove that there really was a rapture, and that the season of Yeshua’s return was approaching. Using all of the (minimal) skills that my Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies allowed and relying heavily on the Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit), I took the challenge, spent several months studying scripture, then handed a ten page essay to him. His reception to my essay was downright chilly, to say the least. From there, it progressed into emails and letters to friends and family. The family reception was almost as chilly as my pastor’s, but my friends and I began a series of meetings, phone calls, and emails. These emails and essays became a series of classes entitled “Understanding the Times: An Overview of End Times Teachings for Study and Discussion”, which led to the blog and much more study, eventually becoming the series of books available in pdf format on the free downloads page.

Retirement allows me to concentrate on studying the Rapture and the Season of Yeshua’s Return, to blog, write, and teach what I learn, and to focus on Biblical exposition. This blog began as a quick way to distribute my class materials to the students, and has morphed over the past seven years into the current postings of my understanding of Biblical themes, word definitions, Hebrew idioms, and my favorite subject — the pre-tribulation Rapture.

Final Thought for 2020
Yahweh does nothing without first giving advance notice (Amos 3:7). Tom Horn, along with several scientists have set the impact of Wormwood on the Earth in April 2029. If this date corresponds with the mid-tribulation period described in Revelation 8:10-11, then time is incredibly short, and advance notice has been given – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – Be sure he is your Redeemer, King, and High Priest.

God Bless,
Jeff VH