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Posts in Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural Magazine
13. Notable Prophetic Events (02/2023
12. Who Is Azazel (01/2023
11. Importance of Enoch and the Book of Enoch (12/22)
10. Red Heifer Update 2022 (11/22)
9. The Meaning Of Blood Moons and Tetrads (10/2022)
8. The Integral Part of Horses in the Rapture (09/2022)
7. The Two Tola Worms (08/2022)
6. The Rainbow Flag Incursion (07/2022)
5. 2021 in Review – The Changed Earthquake Statistics (06/2022)
4. 2021 in Review – The Natural Disasters (05/2022)
3. 2021 in Review – The Third Temple (04/2022)
2. 2021 in Review – Pope Francis and the Vatican (03/2022)
1. 2021 in Review – The Prophetic Events (02/2022)

Posts in Prophecy Watchers Magazine
5. Prophetic Alliances: Pieces of the Puzzle (01/2023)
4. Red Heifer Update 2022 (11/22)
3. The Ninth of Av in History (09/2022)
2. Prophetical Earthquake Statistics (05/2022)
1. 2021 Events Supporting Construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem (04/2022)

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67. Today’s Alliances as Predicted by the Prophets
66. Red Heifer Update 2022
65. The Meaning of Blood Moons and Tetrads
64. The Worm That Never Dies
63. The Rainbow Flag Incursion
62. Who Is Azazel?
61 Work and Worship
60. Blinded to the Torah
59. 2021 in Review: Part Four
58. 2021 in Review: Part Three
57. 2021 in Review: Part Two
56. 2021 in Review: Part One
55. Did POTUS Betray Mankind?
54. Yeshua’s Powerful Blood
53. Is the Apostasia a Spiritual or a Spatial Departure?
52. Timeline of Rejection
51. Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?
50. Thanksgiving
4949b. Biblical Patterns Set the Stage
48. The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Sequences
47. Halloween Is an Occultic Observance
46. Let’s Be Stupid and Boycott Israel
45. Scripture Quotes Others
44. Importance of Enoch
43. The Multiple Resurrections and Judgments
42. The Importance of a Witnessed Rapture
41. Paul’s Resurrection Thesis
40. The Ninth of Av – Tish’a B’Av
39. Yahweh’s Plans Revealed by Biblical Names
38. Instantly Instantaneous
37. Let’s Talk About the Rapture
36. Nothing to See Here
35. Changed Earthquake Statistics
34. UFO Disclosure Is Real
33. Yahweh Outside The Box
32. Yahweh In A Box
31. Two-Tongued Tyrants (Bulletin from the NIH)
30. Red Heifer Mania
29. A Treaty With Death and Hell
28. Third Temple Prophetic Portents
27. Many Trees Are Many Nations, and Israel Is the Fig
26. Pope Francis and the Synagogue of Satan
25. Who Is My Brother, Sister, and Mother?
24. Yahweh’s Believe It or Not
23. The Pattern of Three
22. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude
21. Chanukah: The Festival of Dedication
20. Revelation: A Book of Hope
19. Rock My World
18. Gemstones of the High Priestly and Luciferian Ephods
17. The Place of the Skull and Crucifixion Part 2
16. The Place of the Skull and Crucifixion
15. The Tav, Cross, and Mercy Seat
14. Worms, Maggots, and Trees
13. The Strong Delusion
12. The Meaning of “Armaged[d]on
11. Resurrections and Raptures
10. The Moedim of Yahweh: One-Time Events
9. Seismos
8. The Pre-Tribulation Lord’s Prayer
7. Paul’s Midrash on the Exodus
6. Midrash on the Jewish Wedding
5. I Saw The HorsesWritten Just for Rapture Ready
4. I Saw It HappenWritten Just for Rapture Ready
3. I Told You Before It HappensWritten Just for Rapture Ready
2. The Two Witnesses of Revelation
1. Batter Up