The Amazing Vav

Genesis 1:1 – “בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָֽרֶץ” (“In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth”). The vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and it is used in scripture for the first time in the sixth word. The meaning of the word is – hook, as a connecting… Continue reading The Amazing Vav

Insights, Mistaken Perceptions

Yahweh Is Yeshua

In November of 2014 we looked at the mistaken perceptions that Yahweh is so holy that he cannot be anywhere that sin or evil exists – that he cannot confront sin or evil in person. Today we will look at the mistaken perception that when scripture uses the name Yahweh it always and only means… Continue reading Yahweh Is Yeshua