Parallels and Patterns

Ecclesiastes 1:9
• What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 3:15
• Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account.

Today we will be looking at scripture through the lens of parallels and patterns, for scripture tells us that prophetic patterns are cyclical what has happened in the past is bound to happen in the future!

Isaac, A Parallel To Jesus, The Messiah.
• Isaac was the son of Abraham (The father of nations)
• Isaac was sent to Mount Moriah, the present site of the Temple Mount
• Isaac carried the wood upon which he would be sacrificed as an offering to God
• A lamb replaced Isaac as the sacrifice
□ Jesus is also the son of the father
□ Jesus also goes to Mount Mariah
□ Jesus also carries the cross (wood) upon which he was sacrificed as an offering to God
□ Jesus is the lamb that is sacrificed

Cain And Able, A Parallel To The True And False Church.
Cain and Able point to the true church and the false church. The true church knows that salvation comes by the Father and that a blood sacrifice is necessary to atone for sin. The false church believes that a person can obtain salvation according to his works.
Cain and the False Church
• Cain brought an offering of the works of his hands – a grain offering
• Cain refused to accept the offering for sin (חַטָּאת chattath H2403b) that lay at his feet
Able and the True Church
□ Able brought an offering of the works of his hands – a grain offering
□ Able also brought to the Lord a blood offering – a slain lamb, the chattath.

The First And Second Adam
The First Adam (Adam)
• Adam was created by God without the seed of man
• Adam was called the son of God
• Adam was given dominion over the earth
• Adam sinned in a garden
• Satan came in the form of a serpent to Adam and destroyed fellowship with God
• Adam was made a living soul
• In Adam all die
The Second Adam (Christ)
□ Christ was also created – born of a virgin
□ Christ was also called the Son of God
□ Christ was given dominion over Satan’s kingdom
Christ had sin placed on him in a garden (became sin)
□ Christ became the image of the Serpent on the pole and restored fellowship with God
□ Christ is a quickening spirit
□ In Christ all live

Eve And The Church
• Eve is Adam’s wife
• Eve Came forth from Adam (i.e. Adam gave life to Eve)
• Eve’s sin was accounted to Adam
• Eve Was taken from Adam’s side
• Adam calls her the mother of all the living
• Adam shows the love of a husband for his wife
The Church
□ The church is the bride of Christ
□ Christ gave life to the church
□ Our sin was placed on Christ
□ Christ bled from His side
□ Christ is the head of the church
□ Christ shows his love of and for the church

The Patterns of 40
Moses and the Law
Moses’ life can be separated into 3 periods of 40 years.
• The 1st period of 40 years began with Moses being placed in the water of the Nile.
• The 2nd period of 40 years is spent in the wilderness in the land of Midian (strife) after Moses attempts to make peace between the two Hebrew brothers who were fighting. (figurative of Israel and Judah; the two “sticks” of Ezekiel 37:15-22) They reject him and the deliverance that he offered. Note that the prince of Midian had 7 daughters. ( Possibly symbolic of the 7 churches? )
• The 3rd period of 40 years begins after the burning bush when Moses returns to deliver the children of Israel from their bondage to the power of Pharaoh. (symbolic of the Adversary and/or gentile power?)
• This time he was successful and they agree to follow him.
Jesus (Yeshua), Salvation, Christ our King
Now fast forward about 1500 years from Moses.
□ Yeshua the Messiah, of whom Moses was just a shadow, is baptized in the water of the Jordan river by John.
□ Immediately he went and spent 40 days in the “wilderness” to be tempted by Satan.
□ At the end of this 40 days he came and preached Deliverance. (Luke 4:17-21) Most of the Children of Israel again rejected His attempted deliverance. A short time later they killed Him.
□ After Yeshua “crossed over” from death unto life he was see of them 40 days and then He ascended into heaven. This time he is successful and many agree to follow him.

Joshua and Jesus
Joshua (Jehoshua) Salvation of YA., the LORD is salvation
• Hosea’s name is changed to Joshua by Moses, thus denoting that the LORD is salvation
• Israel did not enter the Promised Land under the leadership of Moses, who represents the Law
• Israel enters the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua
• Israel enters the Promised Land on the third day after being instructed how to cross the River Jordan
• Israel enters the Promised Land about 2000 cubits behind the Ark of the Covenant
• When the Priests entered the Jordan, the water backed up all the way to the city of Zaretan (their distress) and to the city of Adam.
• After crossing, Joshua circumcised them
Jesus (Yeshua), Salvation, Christ our King
□ Jesus is the Savior
□ The promises cannot be obtained under the Law: the Law cannot bring salvation
□ Believers enter THE Promised Land through Jesus, THE Savior
□ We are now at the start of the third day since Jesus rose into Heaven
□ We are now about 2000 cubits behind our Ark, Jesus!
□ Jesus blood washed away the sin and distress of mankind all the way to Adam
□ Jesus circumcises our hearts

What an amazing picture Joshua’s walk is of the Messiah’s work at Calvary with possible implications for Israel’s and true believer’s restoration to the Promised Land 2000 years after Yeshua’s “crossing over”. One can only ask: “How close are we to the return of Christ?”