Recommended Videos

Educational Videos:

Ray Vanderlaan
The Faith Lessons: (16 DVD Set)

Jim and Penny Caldwell
Exploring Arabia’s Sinai

Tim Mahoney
Patterns of Evidence (Exodus)

L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw
Watchers: (10+ DVD Set)
The Watchman Chronicles: (Fatima, Fatima 2, and More . . .)
Torah Codes: End To Darkness

Questar Videos
Against All Odds: (6 DVD Set) Mysteries of the Bible (6 DVD Set)

Richard Rives
Time is the Ally of Deceit: 5 Part Study

David Rives Ministries
In The Beginning: Creation According To Genesis
Wonders Without Number: (Multiple DVDs and DVD Sets)

Compass Cinema
Is Genesis History?

Sevenfold Films
Genesis: Paradise Lost

Holocaust Commentaries
Schindler’s List
The Boy In Striped Pajamas


Entertainment Videos:

PureFlix Pictures
Johnny: Everyone Has A Special Mission
Woodlawn: The True Story
What If . . . . . God gave you a second chance?
Do You Believe? Experience The Power Of The Cross
God’s Not Dead: (1 and 2)

Sherwood Baptist Church Pictures
Facing The Giants
War Room

Chaim Potok and Others
The Chosen: One Boy. Two Worlds. A Time To Choose

Global Creative Studios and Others
Faith Like Potatoes: Based on A True Story

Steve Saint and Others
End of the Spear: Dare to Make contact
Beyond the Gates of Splendor: A True Story of Ultimate Sacrifice

Faith and Family Films and Others
WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?
WWJD: The Journey Continues
WWJDII: The Woodcarver

Joseph Fiennes
Risen: Witness The Manhunt That Changed The Course Of Human History

Jamie Uys and Nixau
The Gods Must Be Crazy: (I and II)

Ronnie Cohen and Others
The Final Prophecies
The Coming Convergence