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NOTE to All –> Feel free to download and use these resources in your sermons, Bible Study classes, teachings, and conversations with friends and family. All blogs, PDF files, and teachings on this site are provided for you free of charge, with no limitations on how often or even how you use them. These are just insights Yahweh has given me, and I say: “Make them your own!

New Presentations ♥ Uploaded in June 2020
The High Priest and Luciferian Ephods Based on the new June 4th Post: The Two Ephods

Books in PDF Format

A Party Called The Rapture: One of Yahweh’s Divine Appointments Updated 02/02/2020
Teacher’s Slides for the Rapture: Rapture Slides

Yahweh’s Divine Appointments: The Dress Rehearsals Called Moedim
Teacher’s Slides for the Moedim: Moedim Slides and Jewish Holiday Slides

Yahweh’s Divine Scripture: Insights and Observations 1
Yahweh’s Divine Scripture: Insights and Observations 2

PowerPoint Presentations in PDF Format

The Hebrew Aleph-Bet Based on my studies of the Hebrew Alphabet!
In the Beginning – Breshiyth  Based on the post: In The Beginning 1
The Vav Based on the Post: The Amazing Vav
The Eight Little Words Based on the post: Eight Little Words
Rock My World – On This Rock . . . Based on the post: Rock My World
The Hebrew Meaning of Armageddon Based on the post: Armageddon
The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 Based on the post: The Two Witnesses
The Forty Days of Teshuva Based on the posts Teshuva and Jonah

Significance of Communion Based on the post: The Lord’s Supper
Weddings Vows Based on the posts: Weddings at – Mt Sinai, Jewish Ceremonies
The Imminent Return of Yeshua Based on the Posts: Imminent Return 1, 2, and 3
The Wedding Midrash Based on the Post: Midrash on the Jewish Wedding
The Exodus Midrash Based on the Posts: Paul’s Exodus Midrash and Not An Instant Event
Seven Rapture Patterns PowerPoint Based on the Essay: Seven Rapture Patterns Essay
Yeshua, The Incredible Crimson Worm Based on the Post: Worms and Maggots

The Wilderness Tabernacle Based on the Post: The Tabernacle in Exodus 25-29
Third Temple Prophetic Portents Based on the Temple Mount Series, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The Third Temple Trump Coincidences Based on the posts: The Third Temple and Donald Trump and The Tabernacle of David

Old Earth Young Earth – Not Really! Based on the posts: In The Beginning 2 and 3
Revelation Connections Based on the posts: Revelation Connections 1, 2, 3, 4
Angels, Christian Hope, and Eschatology Based on the posts: Angels and Hope
Revelation – A Book of Hope Based on the post: A Bedtime Story
Generations Based on the post: Special Report — Connections

Why We Should Study Prophecy
The Occult Meaning of Our Calendars
My primary goal in writing both these blogs and the books is to make insights on scripture available to all without restrictions so I have set up this page to make the books, writings, and other diatribes, downloadable for free! And, I’ve removed the paperback versions from Amazon/Kindle who sold them at a price — both monetary and spiritual.