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The Temple Mount Stones

On October 11, 2018 we looked at the Mist that was seen at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Today we will look at another prophetic phenomenon – falling stones.

The Stone That Fell
Psalm 118:22 –“The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.”
On Monday, July 23rd, 2018 in the Hebrew Year 5778, a massive stone fell out of the Kotel section of the Western Wall onto the Robinson’s Arch used for egalitarian prayers. The stone fell from the ninth level of stones and happened the day after the fast of Tish’a B’Av (9th of Av). Israel Radio reported that the stone weighed about 220 pounds.

The Reaction
Habakkuk 2:11 –“A stone shall cry out from the wall, and a rafter shall answer it from the woodwork.”
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall, assigned spiritual significance to the event. “This is an unusual and most rare incident that has not occurred for decades,” he said. “The fact that this powerful incident happened a day after the 9th of Av fast, in which we mourned the destruction of our temples, raises doubts and questions which the human soul is too small to contain, and requires soul-searching.”

One follower of the Kabbalah teachings believes that the event signaled a permanent end to the Jewish exile and the beginning of the supernatural regeneration of the Third Temple.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish noted that the term “kotel ma’aravi” (Western Wall) in Gematria is equal to the Hebrew year, 5778, and agreed that the time for the true end of the exile has arrived. Rabbi Fish also noted that the chief cornerstone, the ha’even ha’shtiya also equals 778 in Gematria, which corresponds to the Psalm 118 verse.

The northern most portion of the Dead Sea has been slowly drying up and with the result that new sinkholes in the area are changing from salt water to fresh water. Many see this as a precursor, or a shadow, pointing to the fulfillment of prophecies in Ezekiel 47:8-9, which tell us that the waters of the Dead Sea will be healed and will swarm with multitudes of fish when Yeshua sets up his kingdom during his millennial reign. Earthquakes, famines, and pestilences world-wide are on the rise. Wars and rumors of wars assault us on a daily basis in the news. Perhaps the stone seen falling from the Kotel Wall of the Temple Mount is yet another warning sign that the return of Yeshua is at the door, is imminent, is not far off, is just moments away from happening. What do you say?

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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