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The Third Temple Stone Altar

Isaiah 9:1 – “The people that walked in darkness have seen a brilliant light; On those who dwelt in a land of gloom Light has dawned.”
The Sanhedrin produced a declaration to the 70 nations that was read in Jerusalem on the last day of the Chanukah holiday in December. The Chanukah ceremony included the consecration of a stone altar formed of easily transported loose stone blocks that has been prepared for use in the Third Temple. Kohenim (Priests) wearing Biblically mandated apparel lead the ceremony and reenacted the Korban Olah Tamid (the daily offering).

The declaration states “We are very close to the time about which the prophets of Israel prophesied that the God of the world who created everything will be called by the world in the name of the God of Israel, for only the people of Israel remained attached to Him.”

The Kohenim
The priests, called Kohenim, are Jewish men who have been declared to be genetic descendants of Aaron. The Kohenim wore clothing as mandated by the Biblical scriptures, identical in fashion to those worn by Aaron and other Older Covenant priests.

The Altar
The stone altar is formed of lightweight manufactured stones of aerated concrete that can be stored, easily transported, and assembled at a moment’s notice. When set up, the altar is nine feet on each side, five feet tall, and includes a ramp on which the priests can go up to the top of the altar to make the sacrifices. The aerated concrete stones are acceptable for use in the Temple, says the Sanhedrin, because they have been formed without the use of metal tools. Eventually, the plan is to replace this altar with one made of actual untouched stones.

The Sacrifice
The sacrifice was not allowed to be sacrificed on the altar, so was done so before the ceremony and carried to the event. The Israeli Government did, however, allow them to roast the lamb on the newly consecrated altar. A grain offering, the Korban Olah Tamid, was also allowed to be made.

The Reaction
Isaiah 49:6 –“Yahweh has said: ‘It is not enough that you are my servant to raise up the tribes of Yaakov and restore the survivors of Yisrael; I will also make you a light of nations, that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth’.”
The ceremony was held on the last day of Chanukah. Rabbi Hillel Weiss explained the significance to Breaking Israel News: “According to Jewish tradition, the tabernacle and Aaron the Priest were consecrated for service on the last day of Hanukkah. It is fitting that we should invite the nations to the ceremony since Hanukkah is about bringing light to the darkness. The Jews were meant to do this for the entire world.”

The Significance
Genesis 11:8 – “From Bavel Yahweh scattered them all over the earth, and they stopped building the city.”
Exodus 24:1 – “Then Yahweh said to Moses, “Come up to me, you and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and worship from afar.”
Deuteronomy 32:8 – “When Elyon divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel.”
Micah 4:1-4 – “In the acharit-hayamim Zion will be established as the highest mountain and all nations will gather there to worship Yahweh” [synopsis]

The ceremony was stringently called “a dress rehearsal” because the temple is NOT YET established. Only then can the actual ceremony be done. However, the veil is being lifted from the minds of the Jewish people and they are beginning to understand that Prayer and Charity do not atone for sin, it takes a blood sacrifice — i.e. a perfect lamb! This may open the doors to believers to present the Gospel of Yeshua. Pray for Israel, support Israel, encourage them to accept Yeshua as their Mashiach.

Highly significant is the invitation that went out to seventy (70) nations. Yahweh separated the people into seventy (70) nations at Babel (Genesis 11). There were seventy (70) elders who were invited to the meal with Yahweh at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24). The borders of the nations were fixed at seventy (70) (Deuteronomy 32). Micah 4 tells us that the nations will be gathered in the end times to worship Yahweh at Mt. Zion, at the Temple Mount. The invitation for regathering the seventy (70) nations has been issued. It is just a matter of time before Yahweh regathers the nations to Zion to worship him. Now that is significant.

The state of Israel is a fact and Jewish authorities are preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The appearance of the red heifer, the falling stone, the mist, and the slithering snake all are seen as prophetic implications that the time is ripe for the return of Yeshua. All of the gold and silver utensils and the garments needed for Temple worship have either been recovered or remanufactured. The Kohenim have been trained and the Stone Altar has been dedicated. Only the Ark of the Covenant awaits recovery.

Final Thought
Prophecy as foretold by the Hebrew prophets continues to unfold in an escalating pattern. The stage is nearly completely set. The great and terrible Day of Yahweh, Joseph’s Trouble, hastens forth and will not delay. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – get busy reaching the lost.