Vatican Update 2022

Please Note: This article is blunt and may be offensive to those who have no love of the truth: so be it.
Yahweh has given all people free will – you may choose to continue reading or not – that is your choice. “Yeshua will enable Lucifer to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because they would not receive the love of the truth that could have saved them “ (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

Pope Francis — Still A False Christ 
Matthew 12:34, 15:18’ Luke 6:45 – “The mouth speaks what overflows from the heart. “
2 Corinthians 11:13 – “Such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Yeshua. “
Galatians 2:4 – “False brothers slipped in secretly to spy out our freedom that we have in Yeshua, so that they might bring us into slavery. “
Romans 1:25 – “They have exchanged the truth of God for falsehood, by worshipping and serving created things, rather than the Creator. “

Pope Francis, that Luciferian leopard has not changed his spots! He still spews out the doctrine of demons.
• Pope Francis solemnly entrusted and consecrated the church, all humanity and “especially Russia and Ukraine “ to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during a prayer service March 25, 2022 in St. Peter’s Basilica.
• On August 31, 2022 Pope Francis claimed that “our sister Mother Earth groans and begs us to stop our abuse and her destruction.”
• It is official – Chrislam has now been codified and ratified. The Human Fraternity document created by Pope Francis and financed and promoted by Mohamed bin Zayed of the UAE was adopted by the 7th World Religions Congress of the Human Fraternity as of September 18, 2022.
• In October Pope Francis assigned thirteen leaders for this new world religion he named “Chrislam “ and expects this new religion to lead the world from 2022 on.
• Pope Francis continues trying to get all people to worship the created (climate change, earth worship, etc.) rather than the creator (Yahweh / Yeshua). Francis affirmed the COP27 Ten Commandments. He hoped the COP15 and COP27 summits would “unite the human family in decisively addressing the twin crises of climate and biodiversity loss”, and would “produce lasting fruits on behalf of combating climate change.”
• Pope Francis even instructed Vatican entities to move all funds into the Vatican bank by September 30, 2022.

Pope Francis Heads A Synagogue of Satan
We rarely hear the Gospel of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach from this pope, but we certainly hear a lot of political, one-world, globalist dogma coming out of his mouth – which scripture calls the doctrine of demons.
• Pope Francis has informed his flock that “relationships with Jesus are dangerous and harmful “ and that “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ“ must be avoided at all costs.
• On December 24th, Pope Francis gave the homily at Midnight Mass. He said that “the manger tells us of closeness, poverty, and concreteness,” [but failed to mention that it speaks directly about Yeshua as the sacrificial Lamb.]
• Pope Francis continued to talk about the need for the Catholic Church to embrace “synodality”, a style welcoming the gifts of all [no matter what faith they profess. So much for being set apart and holy, eh?]
• Lastly, but not least, Pope Francis warns of an ‘elegant demon’ lurking among Vatican staff because they are beset by the ‘elegant demon,’ who does not make a loud entrance, but comes with flowers in his hand. [Scripture tells us that Satan masquerades as an Angel of Light].
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Yahweh has permitted Pope Francis to steadfastly expose the true nature of the Roman Catholic “Church “ as a Synagogue of Satan through the political, one-world, globalist dogma coming out of his mouth Pope Francis leads the way. There is nothing compatible between Biblical Christianity and the Satanic deceptions of the lying, deceiving actions and remarks of the Vatican and especially Pope Francis – which scripture calls the doctrine of demons. What a stench in Yahweh’s nostrils these beliefs are.

Final Thought for 2023
The stage for Yeshua’s return is being set. Prophecy continues to unfold in an escalating pattern as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The season of the birth pains is here – they are burgeoning and not going away. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – be sure you have salvation in Yeshua and keep busy reaching the lost.

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  1. Amen Jeff
    The pope, or more correctly called the Pontifex Maximus (the pagan Roman cult leader) leads the world of the lost perverts, poofs, and priests in chosen depravity! There is NOTHING holy about them.
    Shalom, Rex


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