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Judgment and Coronavirus

Before Yahweh took his people out of Egypt, he judged all of Egypt's gods. Which gods, then is Yahweh judging today through the Coronavirus pandemic? Here are some possibilities: The Gods of Pride / Arrogance Proverbs 16:18 – “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” According to New York State’s Governor… Continue reading Judgment and Coronavirus


United States Update 2014

Is Yahweh judging the United States, or simply allowing ragingly insane events to happen? The Biblical Patterns Leviticus, Chapter 26, outlines such a pattern for any country or peoples that He has established when they refuse His ordinances and statutes: • Terror from outside the country will descend • Your military might will no longer… Continue reading United States Update 2014


Many Resurrections and Judgments

This article has been re-edited separating resurrections from judgments, and including some new insights as well. The updated article can be found after August 19th 2021 here: There are multiple resurrections and judgments mentioned in the Bible. These actions are listed below in chronological order: The 1st Resurrection – The Resurrection of Yeshua Colossians… Continue reading Many Resurrections and Judgments