Mistaken Perceptions

Halloween Reminder

Reminder: Halloween is a stench in Yahweh's Nostrils Jeremiah 5:21 -- "Hear now this, O stupid, brainless people who have eyes, and see not; who have ears, and hear not." The true follower of Yeshua neither willingly opens a door for Satan and his demons to walk through, nor provokes Yahweh’s judgment. The true follower… Continue reading Halloween Reminder

Mistaken Perceptions


Halloween, or Samhain, is an occultic observance celebrated every year on October 31st by millions of children and their parents. The celebrants put on costumes and go “trick or treating”. Some see this as a fun time for all, others see this as a night of demonically inspired mayhem. Such activities may seem innocent, but… Continue reading Halloween

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It’s About Following Yahweh 1

A number of objections to the How Dare You series have been raised, claiming that the traditional worship dates are just as valid as the dates set by Yahweh, and that it has no impact on whether or not one can call oneself a Christian. But it that true? I say not at all. Celebrating… Continue reading It’s About Following Yahweh 1