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You Have Heard It Said – Part Four

Three more snippets have been added to the Snippets page.

Scripture has a lot to say about the Rapture, and about the people who have been raptured. Advance notice is the scriptural norm. Witnesses is the scriptural norm. Horses as the mode of transportation is the scriptural norm.

The Three Prophet’s Advance Notice – Snippet 8
Amos 3:7 – “Yahweh Elohim does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
Everybody thinks that nobody knows the day or hour. Not so fast, pardner. In every case the person being raptured knows he will be – he has advance notice:

2 Kings 2:3, 2:5 – “Do you know that Yahweh is taking your master away from you today? ‘Yes, I know,’ Elisha answered; ‘say no more’.”
• Elijah and two schools of prophets knew the day of his departure.

Luke 9:30-31 – “Suddenly there were two men talking with Yeshua; Moses and Elijah. They appeared in glorious splendor and spoke of his exodus.”
• Yeshua knew about his departure prior to his going to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) to be crucified.

Enoch 81:5-6 – “One year you will have with your son, Methuselah, until you give your last commands, teach and testify them to your children, and record these commands for them.”
• Enoch had a full year of advance notice.

Yahweh always informs his prophets in advance and Paul states that we will not be caught off guard by the coming of Yeshua to rapture his bride. Yeshua arriving without advance notice does not correspond to the many instances in scripture that state very clearly, precisely, and definitively that advance notice is given. Yeshua showing up without advance notice being given would violate Yahweh’s promise as set forth in Amos 3:7.

The Three Prophet’s Witnessed Rapture – Snippet 9
The person being raptured is always witnessed as he ascends to the clouds – Other people are present who see them being raptured:

2 Kings 2:7-12 – “While Elisha was watching, he was crying out, . . . Then he could no longer see him.
Elijah was in the presence of Elisha. Elijah’s ascension was witnessed by both Elisha and fifty of the sons of the prophets when he was raptured – all witnessed this rapture with their own eyes, and eventually Elisha “lost sight of him”.

Acts 1:9-11 – “Yeshua was taken up before their eyes; and a cloud hid him from their sight.”
Yeshua was carried up into heaven while the disciples (and perhaps wives, children, neighbors, etc.) were looking on, and a cloud received him out of their sight. This ascension was so fascinating to those watching that two “men” had to interrupt them and basically tell them to get on with their lives until Yeshua returned! And not to mention that the disciples were in the right spot at the right time to witness Yeshua being taken up, eh?” Yeshua’s rapture was witnessed by many.

Enoch 81:6 – “In the second year, you will be taken from amidst their presence.”
Enoch was in the presence of his children and the King’s men when he was raptured (Enoch 81:5-6 and Jasher 3:34).

Revelation 11:12 – “The two witnesses went up into heaven in a cloud, while their enemies watched them.
The two witnesses are raptured while many enemies watch.

The raptures of Elijah, Yeshua, and Enoch were fully witnessed events. The rapture of the Two Witnesses Of Revelation will also be witnessed.

The Three Prophet’s Mode of Transportation – Snippet 10
Horses (and often Chariots of Fire) are always present. Thus the mode of transportation involves horses:

2 Kings 2:11-12 – “As they were walking and talking, a chariot and horses of fire appeared and separated Elijah from Elisha. Then Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind and Elisha cried out, My father, my father – the chariots and steeds of Israel.”
When Elijah was raptured (taken up) in a whirlwind he ascended into heaven in the accompaniment of horses of fire! Elisha and fifty others were witnesses to this rapture accompanied by horses of fire.

Luke 24:51 – “And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven.”
Acts 1:10-11 – “And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel who said, ‘You men of Galilee, why are you gazing up into heaven’?Yeshua will return in exactly the same way as you watched him ascend into heaven.”
Revelation 19:11 – “Next I saw heaven opened, and there before me was a white horse and sitting on it was the one called Faithful and True.”
According to Luke 24:51, when Yeshua was raptured he was carried into heaven and Acts 1:11 then informs us he returns the same way. In order to find out how he was carried, we have to go to Revelation 19:11 which tells us that Yeshua returns on a white horse. Therefore, there can be absolutely no doubt that Yeshua was raptured on the back of a horse – most likely the same white horse which will carry him back at his second coming. The apostles were witnesses to his rapture accompanied by his white horse.

Jasher 3:36 – “Enoch ascended into Heaven in a whirlwind with horses and chariots of fire.”
Jasher 3:36 tells us that Enoch was raptured in a whirlwind in the accompaniment of horses and chariots of fire, and Jasher 3:27 tells us that the horse paced in the air, waiting for Enoch to climb aboard! Enoch’s children and the king’s men were witnesses to his rapture accompanied by horses of fire.

Enoch was the first to be raptured, and that event set the pattern for all future raptures in scripture – all involve advance notice, all involve witnesses, and all involve horses.

Final Thought for 2023
The stage for Yeshua’s return is being set. Prophecy continues to unfold in an escalating pattern as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The season of the birth pains is here – they are burgeoning and not going away. Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – be sure you have salvation in Yeshua and keep busy reaching the lost.

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