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You Have Heard It Said – Part Four

Three more snippets have been added to the Snippets page. Scripture has a lot to say about the Rapture, and about the people who have been raptured. Advance notice is the scriptural norm. Witnesses is the scriptural norm. Horses as the mode of transportation is the scriptural norm. The Three Prophet’s Advance Notice – Snippet… Continue reading You Have Heard It Said – Part Four

Insights, Mistaken Perceptions, The Rapture

Imminent Return-Part Two

In Part One we examined the assertion that “There is no prophecy or event that must occur before Yeshua can return for his bride,” and found it to be a false narrative. We will now look at the rest of the assertion that “Yeshua can come at any time, he could even come before you… Continue reading Imminent Return-Part Two