Insights, Mistaken Perceptions

Yeshua’s Powerful Blood

Many do not understand that sin did not originate in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. True, Eve was deceived and began to “be like God”. Her first sin was in misquoting Yahweh’s words to Adam (Genesis 3:2). Next, she takes it on her own authority to proclaim that the fruit is “good”… Continue reading Yeshua’s Powerful Blood

The Moedim

Yom Kippurim

Meeting Times [מוֹעֵד H4150] – (Seasons) The sun, moon, and stars indicate set appointments when Yahweh will show up to interact with His people. The Older Covenant feasts, Yahweh’s meeting times (seasons), are determined by the cycles of the moon. The word translated feasts is the Hebrew word, מוֹעֵד Moed. Moed means a divine appointment.… Continue reading Yom Kippurim